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Epi+Gen CHD™: Empowering women’s heart health through epigenetics-based risk evaluation

Heart disease, with the most common form being coronary heart disease (CHD), is the leading cause of death for women, causing 1 in every 5 deaths each year.  But these losses are not inevitable. Over 80% of all heart attacks are preventable. The key to better prevention is better detection. Step into the future of gender bias-free Precision Cardiovascular Medicine with Epi+Gen CHD.

Heart Health is Women’s Health

With Epi+Gen CHD, women and those who depend upon them do not need to accept the status quo. For the longest time, women’s health has merely been about reproductive health. Now that the tides are changing and the women’s health sector is gaining more momentum, it is paramount to expand the definition of women’s health.

Epi+Gen CHD eliminates the gender gap and performs equally well in women as in men.

Epi+Gen CHD is 2.4 times more sensitive for CHD events

in women in a direct head-to-head comparison with lipid-based risk calculators most commonly used by physicians.

Epi+Gen CHD is radiation-free

so there is no need to worry about the harmful effects of x-rays on the risk for breast cancer.

Epi+Gen CHD is convenient

for even the busiest of people. It gives patients the flexibility to collect their blood sample in the comfort and privacy of their homes or have it collected at the healthcare provider’s office.

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