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Epi+Gen CHD™ (Rx Only)

Prevention is Priceless.

Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease, and the leading cause of heart attacks. Epi+Gen CHD™ is a patented Next Generation test that assesses near-term (3-year) risk for a heart attack. It is the first and only clinical test for coronary heart disease primary prevention that provides personalized insights based on two types of DNA biomarkers unique to you – genetic and epigenetic.

Understanding your risk is the first step toward prevention. Take control of your heart health today!

Why Epi+Gen CHD™

End-To-End Clinician Involvement

With Epi+Gen CHD™, we connect you to a clinician so you can start your heart health journey with confidence. When you request the test from one of our telemedicine providers, you’ll be asked to fill out a simple, five-minute assessment to determine your eligibility for this test. Once your sample is processed, your results will be reviewed by a clinician who will help tailor your very own personalized prevention plan.

Convenient and Private At-Home Test

Take the Epi+Gen CHD™ test in the comfort and privacy of your own home, whenever you want. Once your sample is processed, you can schedule a private, telemedicine consultation with the prescribing clinician. For your security, we are compliant with all applicable regulations, such as HIPAA.

More Than Just Genetics

In addition to your genetics, Epi+Gen CHD™ measures your epigenetic DNA biomarkers. Epigenetics takes into account how environment and lifestyle can influence your heart health, providing a more holistic estimate of your three-year risk for coronary heart disease.

Highly Sensitive Early Risk Evaluation

We analyze your unique DNA biomarker information through our highly sensitive, proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to determine your likelihood of having a coronary heart disease event  in the next 3 years.

Who should take Epi+Gen CHD™?

Our test is designed for those over the age of 35 who are interested in determining their risk for coronary heart disease. It is not appropriate for those who:

  • Are younger than 35.
  • Have already been diagnosed with coronary heart disease.
  • Have had a heart attack or any cardiac operation.
  • Have angina (pain, heaviness, or discomfort in your chest, arm, jaw or shoulder), especially with exertion.
  • Have had an abnormal cardiac stress test.

If you are unsure about any of the above, feel free to contact us and we will connect you with a certified medical representative to see if you qualify.

Find out if Epi+Gen CHD™

is right for you

Talk to your healthcare provider with the assistance of this easy-to-follow guide.

Request Epi+Gen CHD online through Elicity, a telemedicine healthcare provider.

How it Works

1. Request Test Online

Fill out a simple eligibility questionnaire online, without the need for an office visit.

2. Collect and Send DNA Sample

Upon clinician approval, a step-by-step blood sample collection kit will be sent to your home. Send your sample to our CLIA lab using the prepaid return mailer included in your kit.

3. Heart Health Report is Generated

Once the test and analysis are completed, your risk score and prevention insights will be shared with the ordering clinician and made available via Elicity’s online patient portal.

4. Discuss Your Results

Review your report with a clinician, who will help tailor a personalized heart disease prevention plan for you.

Take Control of Your Heart Health Today