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Epi+Gen CHD™: The essential benefit for your employees

Your employees’ heart health matters in the workplace, and for good reason. A robust benefits package means happier, healthier employees who grow with the company. This also means fewer sick days and more shared successes as a team. Whether you’re just starting or now expanding current efforts, Epi+Gen CHD™ is here to help your company and employees grow better together.

The NextGen Technology solution for that competitive edge.

The earlier that your employees understand their risk for heart disease, the sooner your employees will feel empowered to grow alongside the company. An estimated 80% of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease, are preventable with early action. Epi+Gen CHD™ is the heart health risk assessment test that prioritizes employees and their success while helping the company address the risk of lost productivity and retention.

Cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, is one of the costliest medical conditions for employers1

  • Despite already being at an all-time high of $555 billion, costs for treating cardiovascular disease will escalate to reach $1.1 trillion by 2035.
  • The average first-year cost of the initial cardiovascular event for employers is between $41,146 and $79,253.
  • A cardiovascular event can also indirectly cost employers $1,119/month in workplace absenteeism and short-term disability costs for upwards of three years.
  • During the first month following a cardiovascular event, work productivity of employees can decrease by more than 56 hours.

With a simple finger-prick, Epi+Gen CHD allows your employees to reap the benefits of a healthy heart in and out of the workplace. Companies that prioritize their employees can reduce healthcare costs and attain more meaningful ROI on employee development and growth.

Precision-Focused Heart Screening with Epi+Gen CHD™ Offers Your Employees Peace of Mind and Your Company Reduced Costs.

Up to $42,000 in health cost-savings per quality-adjusted life year

In a head-to-head comparison with lipid-based testing that is included in generic benefits packages, using Epi+Gen CHD™ improved cost savings and survival. Incorporating this evidence-based test could save the lives of your employees while decreasing healthcare costs and building a stronger, healthier workforce.

70% of employee participation in employee wellness is driven by convenience

We know how busy a workday can get and that finding the time to undergo life-saving testing can be challenging for many employees. Many employees don’t take advantage of health benefits or wellness initiatives due to a lack of convenience. Epi+Gen CHD™ changes that dynamic by enabling your employees to get tested with a cutting-edge test that takes only minutes and may be taken in the privacy of their own homes.

Up to 144% better at identifying those at risk for coronary heart disease

Epi+Gen CHD™ outperforms traditional lipid-based tests and has no gender bias for the primary prevention of coronary heart disease. This means you can help your employees understand their risk for a heart attack before it strikes. When your company incorporates the best-in-class heart health assessment test, you show your employees that their health is a major cornerstone of your company’s success.

Over 90% of employees indicate that benefits are key to overall job satisfaction

With the job market as competitive as ever, offering a cutting-edge benefits package that prioritizes heart health can put your company at the forefront of a talent’s choice. By adding Epi+Gen CHD™ to your employee benefits package, you can ensure that your investment with employees stays with the company and grows alongside you.

Your employees are your most valuable asset, show them you care

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