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Epi+Gen CHD™: Evidence-based preventive heart assessment

At Cardio Diagnostics, we know how important it is for your health plan to offer best-in-class heart disease risk assessments that can reduce costs and enhance your member experience. Epi+Gen CHD™ combines DNA testing of genetic and epigenetic biomarkers with artificial intelligence-based interpretation to generate actionable heart disease risk profiles for every individual, encouraging better health outcomes for all of your members.

The NextGen Solution to Drive Better Health Outcomes, One Member at a Time

The cost of cardiovascular disease is high, both for members and their health plans. Yet, up to 80% of these Coronary Heart Disease-related events are preventable. By including Epi+Gen CHD in your health plan offerings, you can champion prevention and health equity for your members while minimizing costly heart attacks and cardiovascular disease-related hospitalizations.

Cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, is one of the costliest medical conditions for health plans to cover

While already at an all-time high of $555 billion, costs for treating cardiovascular disease will escalate to reach $1.1 trillion by 2035.

Within 2 years, 43% of those who had a cardiovascular event experienced at least 1 new event– costing an average of over $63,000 for each subsequent event.

Cardiovascular disease costs on average $18,953 per patient per year.

Over 67% of inpatient care healthcare expenditures are spent by the top 5% of plan participants with cardiovascular disease.

By making the heart disease risk assessment easy to obtain for your members, your health plan members will appreciate better care access and can experience improved health outcomes. With a simple finger prick, health plans can actualize significant cost savings and invest in the right technology– bridging members to life-saving preventative care.

Enhance Member Experience and Improve ROI with Precision-Focused Heart Screening with Epi+Gen CHD™

  • Up to $42,000 in health cost-savings per quality-adjusted life-year
  • More than 90% of the time, using the Epi+Gen CHD test is the dominant cost-saving strategy for sensitive coronary heart disease risk assessment
  • Up to 144% better at identifying those at risk for coronary heart disease

Provide unparalleled health outcomes while reducing spend with Epi+Gen CHD